Sleeve Type Stabilizers

Technical Summary

Our sleeve stabilizers are the product of simple design coupled with engineered technology. We understand the need to swiftly change out a sleeve on the rig floor which is why our sleeve and mandrel design is virtually foolproof. Our one-piece mandrel is manufactured from high strength 4145 heat treated alloy with ample tong space for connection recuts.

Easily interchanged with other brands, our sleeve and mandrel design is long-wearing and extremely economical. When they wear out, they can simply be thrown away – a must for remote areas where there is limited access to a field shop and inventory must be kept light.

Due to our hardfacing abilities, our sleeves can be stocked in the same sizes to meet different formation demands while being interchangeable to fit the same mandrel.

  • Easily changed out on the rig floor
  • Sleeve and mandrel design is interchangeable with similar brands
  • Sleeves can be discarded when worn out

Custom Motor Sleeve Stabilizers

Using client supplied drawings and specifications Drilling Tools is able to manufacture any type of 4145HT steel sleeve stabilizer or Non Magnetic sleeve stabilizer. This coupled with the application of our latest hardfacing assures optimal run time