Next Generation Turnkey Well Construction

We pride ourselves to be the first and only Well Engineering and Project Management company located in Australia with the capability to deliver turn key wells, from spud to rig release. Turnkey drilling services offer a viable method for operators to better manage drilling risks and reduce costs. We offer drilling management contractor services for complete field development programs.

The turnkey drilling remains the best option of delivering wells for costs that are well under the operator’s AFE. Our drilling management services involves moving beyond merely providing a well or completion for a fixed price. It means working with an operator and other service companies to provide a range of services for complete field development, from drilling and completion to facilities design, installation, and field management through depletion.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customer and offer a complete package, from engineering to operations. We drill wells on turnkey, footage and daywork basis and specialize in drilling for independent operators. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers through stellar performance and an emphasis on safety.

Risk Management

Turnkey drilling provides operators with a proven way to manage drilling risks. Some of the risks taken on by the turnkey company include rig downtime, mechanical failures, hole problems and logistics.

Budget Control

Turnkey provides operators with a fixed well cost – basically an insurance policy for an operator’s drilling and completion budget. This eliminates the operator’s uncertainty in achieving each year’s planned objectives.

Staff Limitations

Turnkey can help augment an operator’s staff to help manage personnel requirements through the ups and downs of drilling cycles. For operators with minimal staffs, D&C can provide the personnel and expertise to plan and execute a drilling and completion program.

Access to Equipment and Resources

Whether you’re an operator who only drills a few wells a year or one who is very active, D&C has the people, equipment and expertise to help you accomplish your drilling goals. As an association of one of the most active drillers in Australia’s oil patch, D&C has access to the critical components of a drilling or completion program regardless of market cycles.

Other Considerations

Not all wells are turnkey candidates. For the very few which may not meet the turnkey criteria, D&C offers a number of alternatives to meet the needs of its customers.

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